In my research, I use institutional and relational approaches from sociology to study communities, immigration, and families.

In have an ongoing interest in community organizations. I am exploring the concept of social infrastructure in relation to neighbourhood houses and community building in Vancouver. I am completing a book on this research with colleagues that we expect to be published in 2020. Neighbourhood houses an example of what I call cosmopolitan social infrastructure, and I am developing this concept further in my current writing and research. I am also interested in the network relationships of community organizations - such as partnerships and referrals.

I have an ongoing interest in co-ethnic and cross-ethnic friendships, with a particular focus on newcomers to Canada. This is primarily a quantitative project, and I am exploring techniques such as treatment effects in that research.

I also continue to study the institution of marriage, addressing questions of institutional change. Currently, I am considering the use of survey experiments in research on marriage and family.