Activity 2

For Activity 2 we will take a demographic look at a Vancouver neighbourhood.

For the activity we will define a neighbourhood using census tracts as profiled at Statistics Canada’s 2016 Community Profiles .

Choose any census tract in Vancouver you would like. Choose a neighbourhood that uniquely reflects your interests. Someplace you either know a little about already or would like to know better. Keep in mind that we will use the same census tract in future activities that require making observations in person.

You can find the demographic information by clicking on or searching for “Statistics Canada 2016 census tract profiles”. Use the postal code option to find your census tract data. After submitting a postal code you can view a map of the census tract and the demographic data for the area.

For Monday, complete the table provided for you. Take care when completing the table: calculate percentages based on the total number of individuals or households. Have a look at my census tract here.

Also include a one paragraph typed summary of why you chose this neighbourhood/census tract.