Activity 6

Hampton considers public spaces as the streets, sidewalks, parks and plazas that are accessible to all. He is particularly interested in spaces that encourage people to linger. For Activity 6, return to your census tract to find a public space where people are lingering.

Here are a few guidelines for your activity:

1. Use your results from Activity 5 to find a public space within your census tract.

2. Choose a location that appears to encourage lingering, and where you will be welcome to spend an hour making observations without disturbing others.

3. Like Hampton, make observations of the number of people and people lingering, number of people alone or in groups, number of people using mobile phones.

4. Take a photo that seems to capture the quality of social life in this public space and post it on Canvas.

5. Use your common sense when choosing a location. Do not choose a location that is dangerous for you or make observations at times of the day that are dangerous. Avoid locations where your presence will anger or disturb others.

For Monday, complete the table below, post a photo to Canvas, and bring a 300 to 500 word (typed) summary of your experience.

Activity 6 Table