For this activity, we will once again burn a little shoe leather and do some detective work. Try to find a neighbourhood blog that resembles Net-L, BoLoBoost, or ilovenoord in your neighbourhood. How does it shape interactions and/or contribute to place making in the neighbourhood?

Here are a few guidelines for the activity:

1. Ideally, find a neighbourhood blog that is focused on your census tract, or those immediately adjacent. If that is too narrow, try to find one that is relevant to the neighbourhood.

2. Post a link to your neighbourhood blog on Canvas.

3. Learn what you can about the mission or the neighbourhood blog. Can you get a sense of the dominant message? Are there certain types of neighbourhood events and activities being promoted? Does it organize its own events for residents? Is there interactive space for residents to communicate online?

4. Reflect on how the neighbourhood blog shapes face-to-face interaction in the neighbourhood.

For Monday bring a 300 to 500 word (typed) summary of your neighbourhood blog and your reflections on how it shapes face-to-face interactions in the neighbourhood.