Flex-Activity - Community Organizations

This is a Flex-Activity. It is primarily for those of you who missed Activity 1 because you signed up for the class late or were otherwise delayed from joining the course. You could also use this Flex-Activity if you have done all the activities to date, but want the flexibility to miss an activity in the second half of the course. You also have the opportunity to skip the Flex-Activity if you want!

For this activity we will take a closer look at a community organization in our census tracts with an eye towards how they shape interaction.

Here are a few guidelines for the activity:

1. Find a community center, neighborhood house, branch library, perhaps a local church or some other community organization in your census tract. If there isn’t a suitable organization in your census tract, choose one in an adjacent census tract.

2. Learn what you can about the mission of the organization, what kind of staff work there, what kind of programming and activities they provide, and who attends programs and activities at the organization.

3. If you can, try to spend an hour making observations at the organization, or attending an activity or program. As always, use common sense about making observations in person.

4. Reflect on how your organization shapes interaction in the community. We have good examples from our readings including Small, Klinenberg, and Putnam that raise questions about community organizations and community.

For Monday bring a 300 to 500 word (typed) summary of your organization and your reflections on how it shapes interactions.